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autoReminders is here!

Updated: Feb 3

Whether you're using Google as your main EHR or just have Workspace for email and other utilities, having automatic session reminders go out can be super helpful. You may already have a calendar app that does this, but the main ones out there (like Calendly) aren't HIPAA-compliant and the ones that are (like Acuity) can be expensive.

Enter autoReminders! This is a reminder option that works with your Google calendar, requires no other software, and costs a mere one-time fee of $39!

There are a few important things to note here:

  1. The way this works is that you have to enter the email address of the client into the calendar event, or include them as guests to the event. (I do not really recommend the latter approach, because then they can enter your meeting without you needing to admit them. This is a small problem if you happen to be picking your nose right when they enter, but a HUGE problem if you use the same Google Meet link for more than one client and someone accidentally steps in on someone else's session.)

  2. It is possible to automate things even further by drawing email addresses from your system so that you would not need to include them in the calendar events, but since that depends on how your particular system is set up, you would need a customized solution for that. (Contact us if you're interested in that!)

  3. This only works for emails, not texts. (Google Voice is not designed for automated/mass texting, so that's not a viable option.) It is possible to send an email as a text to a phone number; you would need to know the client's mobile carrier in order to do that. So for example, if your client has Verizon, you could email to and they would receive your email as a text.

  4. Currently the app only works for one calendar, i.e., solo providers. You can customize it further for a group practice, but again this is a custom solution that depends on your setup.

  5. It's still a pretty sweet deal.

See a demo here, or head over to to get your copy today!

(You can also check out the old blog post on text and email reminders, which has been updated with this information.)

Q: How is this different than just using the reminders built in to Google Calendar?

A: Glad you asked! Google Calendar reminders are great, but you can only send those to yourself. Your client can make their own calendar event with reminders, or accept an invitation to your calendar event, but in either case they have to set their own reminders. Reminders you put into that event won't go to them. So if you don't want to rely on your clients setting up their own reminders, you need an external tool like this one.

Q: Is this thing secure?

A: Sure is. It's just a bunch of code that tells your Workspace what to do.

Q: Is it HIPAA-compliant?

A: Absolutely! None of your data ever leaves your Workspace, so as long as your Workspace is HIPAA-secure, this program is too! (The code is accessible to you, so if you have any friends who know how to read it, you're welcome to have them check it out.)

Q: How cool is this?

A: Very cool.

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