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autoPDF - The Forms-to-PDF Solution

If you’ve been using Google Workspace for your EHR needs, or have tried it out, you are probably acquainted with the process of receiving Google Forms submissions, viewing the response, printing it to a PDF, and uploading it to your Drive. Takes a bunch of clicks, but not too onerous.




Ever wished you could skip that step and just have the results stored away in your Google Drive automatically?


Friends – now you can.


Introducing... autoPDF! The add-on that automatically prints Google Forms submissions to a PDF and saves them to your Google Drive!


No longer will you have to click to save, click to print – now, just set it and forget it.


Client submits an intake form? Find the PDF in your Google Drive instantly.

Using Google Forms for progress notes? Find ‘em in your Google Drive on the spot.

No mess, no fuss, 100% fat-free. Ready to give it a shot? Head over here to purchase it. It’s a one-time payment of $39, and then you have it forever, for as many forms as you want!

Wanna see it in action? Of course you do. Give it a whirl at

Hey, let’s hit some FAQs!


Q: Will this work with all the Google Forms I use?

A: Sure will!


Q: What happens to the PDF that’s created?

A: It goes to a designated autoPDF folder that it creates in your Drive. (It is possible to have it automatically route to a client’s folder, but this needs to be customized to your particular system. You can purchase such a custom solution to if you’d like – just shoot us an email.)


Q: I’m not very tech-savvy. Are you sure I’ll be able to install this?

A: Yes. There’s a step-by-step video showing you exactly where to click and what to do. No tech knowledge needed (except you need to know how to copy and paste – if you don’t, let me know and I’ll break it down for you!).


Q: Is this HIPAA-compliant?

A: Sure is! What you are purchasing is a Google Apps Script, which is part of the included functionality in your BAA with Google, that you will paste into the form you want to apply it to. It never communicates outside your own system. If your Workspace is HIPAA-secure, this is too.


Q: This sounds great! Can I share it with my friends?

A: Nope. They need to buy their own copy.


Q: Can I use this for my other business?

A: We ask that you purchase a copy for each business (or person) you’re using it for.

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