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Google Workspace

​The simple





Don't pay a fortune for features you don't need and never use!

Why Google?

Why would you want to use Google Workspace - which admittedly is not designed to be an EHR - as an EHR??

Glad you asked.

Workspace is affordable.

Starting at $7/month, you won't find a cheaper option outside of a pencil and paper. Sure, you can add more features and frills at a higher cost - but $7/month is actually enough to run a practice on (certainly a solo practice)! For $7 a month you get:

  • e-mail

  • secure document storage (i.e., your notes)

  • unlimited forms (contact form, intake form, etc.)

  • online calendar

  • secure telehealth platform (Google Meet)

  • and more!

Workspace is HIPAA-compliant.

Google takes security seriously. They will sign a Business Associate Agreement (necessary for HIPAA compliance) with all paid (not free) users, and all the above services are covered under that. See their HIPAA implementation guide for more information.

Workspace is simple and familiar.

It looks just like your regular Gmail, if you're a Gmail person. You won't need to train yourself or your staff at length on how to use it. And they have 24-hour support available for anything you might need help with.

Need help getting set up?

That's what I'm here for.

If affordable is the name of your game, this option will give you access to a library of instructional videos showing you how to set up Google Workspace on your own. Request a new video at any time!

If you're more of a "just do it for me" kind of person, I can help with that too. I'll set everything up for you so all you have to do is start using it!

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